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Reintroduction of Myself

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Hello, there. I thought I'd write a post to reintroduce myself to you if you're new here.

My name is Kylie and I have a passion for helping others. When I was younger, I wanted to turn my desire to make others feel good into a career so I was inspired to go into the Fitness & Wellness industry. I began bringing my inspirations to life when I attended Northern Arizona University and earned my Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a minor in Psychology. I enhanced my four-year degree by participating in two hands-on personal training & physical therapy based internships and an in-person Personal Training Course. After college, I furthered my education by getting certified as a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, CMT Trigger Point Release Therapist, L & M Energetic Alchemist, and an L & M Reiki Master.

As I began my career, I began to experience some health issues myself and shared snippets of my journey here on this blog and on my social media accounts. Just like I do with my clients, I took a holistic approach to my healing process and healed my body naturally.

I use my blog and social media as creative outlets to share workouts, recipes, health tips, mental health thoughts, spiritual self care, holistic healing, and pretty much anything and everything that I'm doing and learning. Hope that you enjoy and that my posts can benefit you in some way.




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