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Body Mind Balance Services

I take a holistic approach to personal training that encompasses a variety of methods including  resistance/weight training, cardio, stretching, and trigger point release. To me, personal training isn't just about a physical appearance, it's about teaching my clients how to take care of themselves through exercise, nourishment, and self care.

What I can do for you:

  • Teach you proper and safe exercise techniques

  • Help you increase your strength, stamina, flexibility, & lose body fat

  • Aid you in your ability to perform daily activities with more ease

  • Reset any muscle imbalances & improper movement patterns

  • Help you feel better & have more energy

  • Ease aches & discomfort felt in your body; specializing in the neck, shoulders, & low back

  • Guide you toward healthy behavior changes and eating habits

  • Keep you accountable

  • Provide support throughout your journey

  • Show you how to live a healthy & well-balanced lifestyle

All sessions include manual stretching after the workout. I also include trigger point & myofascial release for muscle soreness, aches, & discomfort if needed.

A complimentary wellness coaching session is given with the purchase of your first 10 sessions.

Personal Training

I offer a variety of programs that are individualized based off of where you are currently at & your goals. My method of health & wellness coaching incorporates a variety of techniques that target change for both the body & the mind. ​

Sessions include:

  • Creating a step by step action plan to get your health & fitness to where you desire

  • Teaching you how to incorporate proper nutrition & exercise into your routine

  • Discovering the metaphysical causes for weight gain, health issues, diseases, pain ,etc.

  • Techniques for healthy behavior change

  • Working through mental blocks & limiting beliefs that may be in your way

  • Intention setting

  • Creative strategy

  • Stress relief techniques

  • Adjustments as you progress & evolve

  • Grocery shopping trips & pantry purges if desired

  • Energetic healing if desired

*New* Jumpstart/Strategy Sessions:

If you have new health/fitness goals, but don't know where to start.. I'm here to help!

  • One time 55 minute session that is designed to kickstart your new healthy lifestyle

  • Assessment of your health/fitness goals

  • Set intentions

  • Strategize and create an action plan

  • Goal calendar

Services offered through phone call or webcam.

Health Coaching
Jumpstart Sessions

Energetic Healing

Using a combination of what I’ve learned from being a Certified Energetic Alchemist & Reiki Master, along with what I’ve learned from workshops, my own research, experience, and intuition, I have developed my own unique energy healing process.


My process uses a combination of energetic alchemy & reiki healing techniques. Energetic alchemy transforms heavy & negative energy that is stagnant in the body into positive, healthy, & healing energy. Reiki is a form of energy healing channeled through the hands of the healer that triggers the body’s natural healing process.


These sessions can be used to ease both physical pain & emotional pain, balance chakras to improve overall health, improve emotional disorders such as anxiety & depression, cleanse the aura and energy field, promote relaxation, reduce stress, & more!​


Sessions are intuitively customized for each client and may include sound healing, myofascial release, essentials oils, crystals, and/or sage. A summary write-up of our session and custom homework assignments for self work & care will be given after the session is over. With the correct implementation, one can achieve full healing.

If additional coaching is desired to work through the homework provided, 25 minute coaching sessions are available at a prorated rate.

Energetic Healing


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