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Mind + Body Morning Challenge

I have created this Mind + Body Morning Challenge to help you start your day off right. For some of you, you may only be making a few changes, and for others, you may be completely changing your morning routine.

I have designed this as a 21 day challenge. You may stop after the 21 days, or you may continue after the 21 days are over and use this as your new morning routine.

I have found that doing these tasks upon awakening starts off my day the right way.

Wake up as early as you need before you have to get ready for work. If you only have 15 extra minutes, then that's fine.. make whatever time you have work for you. You'll also notice that a few of these tasks can be incorporated while you're getting ready for work or school so you really only need 15 extra minutes if that's all you can manage.

  • Use bathroom & brush teeth right away

  • Drink at least 16 oz. of water

  • At least 5-15 minute of meditation. Longer if you have more time.

  • At least 5-15 minutes of movement - gentle yoga, walk, run, trampoline, jump rope. Again, longer if you have more time.

  • Repeat a mantra while getting ready.

  • Healthy breakfast with either fruits and/or veggies (if you do intermittent fasting, then just make sure that the first thing that you put into your body is healthy when it's time to eat)


Start going to bed earlier and make sure get at least 8 hours of sleep every night in order to be and feel your best!

No looking at your phone until all of these tasks are over - unless you are playing a workout or meditation video on it

The movement and meditation times are just guidelines - you can go shorter or longer if you need to, just make sure to get in both of these each morning even if it's just for a minute or two.

21 days - if anything is missed, then start over at day 1 ~ continue and make this a part of your lifestyle if you like it :)


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