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More Ways to Release Negative Emotions

Life isn’t always about positivity. Does it help to be a positive person overall? Yes. Is it ok to be negative sometimes? ABSOLUTELY. When something bad happens, telling yourself to just be positive doesn’t always work. This tactic doesn’t solve it because you are just ignoring or suppressing the issue/s. This is how positivity can be toxic. So instead, allow yourself to be sad, angry, frustrated, whatever the negative emotion may be. Allow it all to come to the surface and then LET IT GO.

You can release these emotions by:

  • Simply breathing it out

  • Sound healing

  • Energy healing - send me an email if interested in doing an online session with me

  • Meditation

  • Running or doing an intense workout

  • EFT tapping

  • Voice release - singing or screaming

  • Venting to a trusted loved one without unloading too much onto them

It can be painful to do this, but that pain is only temporary. If you ignore the problems or suppress them, then they’ll still be lingering which leads to more prolonged pain. What you choose to do is obviously your choice, but I promise if you face it all now and release the negativity, then you will feel all the better.

Sending you love & healing energy,



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