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Apple Pie Alternative - Easy Snack for Fall

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Apple pie that's good for your thighs! (LOL, my friend came up with that one)

Well, it's a healthy alternative for apple pie..

Here is an easy-to-make, healthy snack for the fall season! It satisfies those cravings for apple pie, without increasing your body fat. Eat it as a snack on the go, or even as a dessert when you're craving something sweet after dinner. It's nutritious, hormone balancing, filling, & your taste buds will love it!

What you need:

- 1/2 cup of Apple Puree or Unsweetened Apple Sauce

- 1/4 cup of Ground Flaxseeds

- 1 tsp of Ceylon cinnamon

- A pinch of pink himalayan salt

- Optional: add in walnuts or pecans for some added crunch & healthy fats

What to do:

- Mix all ingredients in a bowl or cup with a spoon until blended. Simple, easy to make. Enjoy!


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