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Finding Joy - w/ Journal Prompts

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Did you know that joy is your natural state of being?

Think of yourself when you were a baby, or a young child. You were joyful and easily reverted back to feeling jolly and joyful.

Your vibration is naturally high. It's your experiences, beliefs, and thoughts that bring it down.

When feeling sad, angry, or negative, it's important to acknowledge these feelings. After you've allowed yourself to feel them and release them, then revert back to your true nature - which is joy.

Find what truly brings you joy. Add joyful tasks to your daily spiritual practice. Feel your energy change and watch how your life changes from doing this.

Journal Prompts (if you feel called to journal):

What brings you joy? Take some time to think about this and make a list.

How often do you do these things? Do you feel that you could do them more?

How can you add more things that bring you joy to your daily or weekly life?

What are you grateful for?


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