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Vegan Gluten Free Pizza

Make healthier versions of your favorite cheat meals.. you feel like you’re cheating and you’re actually not! Today I made this yummy vegan and gluten free pizza. It was so easy to make and tasted delicious! 1 slice of a regular pizza runs anywhere from 200-500 calories. This ENTIRE pizza is about 600 calories, which means you can eat more without feeling guilty!

You need:

- Trader Joe's cauliflower pizza crust

- Marinara sauce or pizza sauce (I used Trader joe's brand)

- Veggies of choice

- Spices and seasonings of choice

*The vegetables that I used for this one were: chopped garlic, portabella mushrooms, basil leaves, & arugula

To make:

Follow the instructions the package and preheat the oven.

Once the first side of the crust has been baked, flip it over and add the sauce and toppings.

Put back in the oven for the remaining time (about 10 minutes).

Once finished, let cool for few minutes. Slice into pieces with a knife or pizza cutter. Enjoy!


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