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Tip to Increase Productivity

Need help with increasing your productivity? Well, I’ve got you!

I used to make these giant lists which led to getting minimal work to nothing done because I felt so overwhelmed and wouldn’t know where to start. So I advise that you take that giant list and break it up.

Pick 1-3 tasks to complete each day.. and only 1-3. Breaking up your larger goals into smaller tasks will keep you on track.. think about this: you add 10 things to your to do list for one day & complete 3 of them vs. you only had 3 tasks on your list & completed all of them - which one would you feel more satisfied with? Obviously the second, right? Making a short list of only 1-3 tasks will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and will more likely be completed, leading to feeling a sense of accomplishment. AND if you have time to complete more tasks on top of that, you’ll feel even more successful. That feeling of completing everything in your list will help you build momentum and give you the motivation to keep going every day!

So all in all, do at least one thing each day that will get you closer to your goals - take baby steps! Stay consistent and you’ll be there before you know it :)


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