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Post Vacation Detox

Here are some post vacation detox methods that you can use to bring your body & skin back to equilibrium. When I got back from my Costa Rica trip, I did all of these for 2 weeks!

• No alcohol

• No processed sugar

• No processed or packaged foods

• No dairy (if you’re not already vegan)

• Only pink himalayan salt

• Lots of fibrous fruits & veggies

• Lots of water

• 16-20oz. of celery juice each morning

•Warm lemon water throughout the day

• Vigorous cardio or hot yoga (SWEAT) each day

• 1 ACV shot before eating lunch or dinner (easy recipe under my stories)

• 1 grapefruit before lunch or dinner

• No eating at least 4 hours before bed so that your body can solely detoxify while you sleep


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