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Post Vacation Detox

If you have recently overindulged on the junk food, skipped out on your workouts, or haven't been treating your body the way it deserves lately, then this is the article for you!

During my last vacation, I let myself enjoy it and ate whatever I wanted to. I will never do this again because I came home feeling lethargic and bloated. I created my own 7 Day Detox and here's what I did to detoxify my body after that vacation filled with a fair amount of unhealthy eating and minimal exercise.


1) LEMON WATER. Start each morning with a cup of warm lemon water. The warm water will loosen up any solidified & hard-to-digest foods in your gut and aid in digestion. Adding fresh lemon juice to the water is cleansing for your body and balancing pH levels.

2) HYDRATE. Even if you're a fish like me and drink tons of water, DRINK EVEN MORE! Flush your system and get rid of those left over toxins from the unhealthy foods and alcohol. Even better - drink water with pH of 9 or higher, it really makes a difference!

3) EAT 100% CLEAN. My usual guideline for clean eating is 80:20, but for this detox week eat 100% clean. That means nothing that comes from a package! Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans. I overindulged for much of the vacation so I had no excuse for eating anything processed for the detox week.

4) DETOX SMOOTHIES AND JUICES. I drank lots of fruit and veggie smoothies and juices as these gave my body much needed nutrients and helped bring my energy levels back to normal!

5) WELLNESS SHOTS. I juiced lemons & ginger, then sprinkled a bit of cayenne pepper in top. I took a shot of the concoction before breakfast and dinner to aid my digestive system and further cleanse my system. These are also great for boosting your immune system!

6) CARDIO. Perform 20-45 minutes of rigorous cardio each day. Cardio speeds up digestion, increases blood flow throughout your body, and also helps detoxify, so work up a good sweat!

7) DRINK DECAF GREEN TEA. Before bed each night, drink a cup of tea. The warmth from the drink will help move foods through your digestive system. Drinking decaffeinated tea before bed will also promote better sleep!

And that's what I did! I've even incorporated many of these into my regular routine to help me feel great all of the time. Thanks for reading!


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