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My New Coaching Approach

Last year, I adopted a new approach when it comes to my health coaching process.

Why? Because I’ve learned that you can’t give too much information to people who aren’t ready to hear it. In the past, I’ve had clients quit on me because they felt too overwhelmed. They weren’t receptive of the information that I was providing, which led to them not doing the work they needed to do to reach their goals. I now take a softer approach and am seeing much better results! Taking smaller steps is way more retainable & sustainable.

The programs that I create are not quick fixes, they’re the roadmaps to a complete lifestyle change. I take a holistic approach to your journey and help you take smaller steps along the way to avoid overwhelm. With this process, the methods are sustainable for the long run and the changes will stick! It takes dedication, time, and consistency to get what you want, and if you’re willing to do the work, then I promise that you’ll reach your goals. With my guidance, I can help you change your mental processes & your physical body for the better. If you work with me, take what I teach you and turn it into new behaviors and actions, then you will become the healthiest version of yourself!

Please reach out if you have questions<3


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