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HPV & Cervical Cancer

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

I know that this is more of a personal post, but I felt called to share this information. The reason being is that over 80% of people have HPV! If a woman gets HPV it can turn into cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is an aggressive and rapidly growing type of cancer so it's important for all women to be educated so they can avoid it. Doctors are very quick to remove precancerous cells in the cervix because once a woman gets cervical cancer there is a high chance that it could be terminal.

HPV Types 16 & 18 are the ones that most likely turn into cancer, I had Type 16. By the time that I found out, I had cervical dysplasia, meaning that there were high grade precancerous cells in my cervix. I immediately had to get a procedure done and then went into surgery within a few days to get them removed.

The first procedure is called a colposcopy and after it was done the cells that were removed were sent in for a biopsy. Once the biopsy came back, my gynecologist called me and said that I needed to go in for surgery to get all of the abnormal cells removed as soon as possible. I went in for surgery 2 days later. The surgery that I had is called a loop electrosurgical excision procedure and it removed 1/3 of my cervix - the amount of tissue removed depends on the amount of abnormal cells you have. Unfortunately the surgery didn’t remove all of the cells, but there was only a small amount left so it wasn’t a huge issue. I wasn’t willing to go under anesthesia again so I started looking into other options to cure this naturally.

After my findings, I made modifications in my routine. Please keep in mind that as I was doing all of this my gynecologist kept a close eye on me and I always recommend listening to what your doctor suggests. I went in monthly for check-ups to ensure they weren't turning into medium or high grade cells.

Within a few months, the precancerous cells were gone!

So without further ado, here is my list of do's and don'ts when it comes to HPV and cervical cancer (or cancer in general).


1) AHCC. AHCC simply put is a supplement made from mushrooms that builds immunity. Many studies have shown that it helps combat the HPV virus. I started by taking 750mg of the Kinoko Platinum AHCC every morning on an empty stomach.

2) WHOLE, PLANT FOODS. Eating lots of organic fruits and vegetables helps your body receive nutrients, build immunity to fight off diseases and cancer, and raises the pH levels in your body. Consume anything that makes your body’s pH levels alkaline/basic as cancer only thrives in an acidic environment. -- I'm planning on making an entire post about alkaline & acidic foods so stay tuned!

3) ALKALINE WATER. Drinking alkaline water is extremely helpful when fighting off any illness, disease, or cancer. The higher the pH of your body is, the harder it is for cancerous cells to grow.

4) FRESH PRESSED OR COLD PRESSED GREEN JUICE. The more nutrients in your body, the better!


1) ALCOHOL. Alcohol is extemely toxic and it's acidic, bringing your body's pH levels down. When healing your body, it's best to avoid alcohol as much as possible. I didn't drink any alcohol for 12 weeks.

2) PROCESSED FOODS & FRIED FOODS. Many highly processed foods contain chemicals that aren't good for our health in general, while most fried foods contain carcinogens.

3) ANIMAL PRODUCTS. I've been vegan for three years now, so this wasn't a change for me, but it's important to mention to you if you're not vegan. If you're going to take any information away from this article, then this is the part to take in. Going vegan is the best thing that you can do to decrease your risk of getting diseases and cancer, and to obtain optimal health in general. Many doctors nowadays are telling their patients with cancer to eat a plant-based diet. AND there are many studies that have shown that eating animal products dramatically increases your risk of getting diseases, health problems, and cancer. If you want to learn more, read the China Study.

All in all, focus on nourishment and stay under the supervision of your doctors.

To maintain immunity against the HPV & the abnormal growth of precancerous cells in my cervix, I do my best to follow these guidelines and take 1 capsule of Kinoko Platinum (instead of the previous 2) every morning before I eat.

I would hate for anyone to go through what I did so I really hope this helps. If you are a woman, it is crucial to get regular pap smears to avoid cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer!

Thanks for reading.

Love & wellness,



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