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How to Get Started on Your Wellness Journey

If you want to get started on your health/fitness journey, but keep making excuses such as "it's not right time," then let me tell you it's never going to be "the right time." Start before you are ready. If you start today, you'll be so happy about your choice one year from now.

Something that might help you in getting started and along your journey is letting go of the all or nothing mindset. Simply take things one task at a time, one meal at a time, one workout a time.

If you have no idea where to start, it's simple: start with 1 lap around the block, 1 healthy meal, reading just 1 page out of a book.. no matter what it is or how small the task may be, just start with 1 thing. That 1 thing will get you started and get you 1 step closer to reaching your goals! From there, just keep taking consistent baby steps and you will be at your desired destination before you know it!

I offer a one-time Jumpstart Strategy Session, more info is on this page under Health Coaching. It's a virtual session through webcam designed to kickstart your new healthy lifestyle. We will assess your goals, set intentions, and create an action plan & goal calendar together. Reach out if you're interested <3


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