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Another Healing Session Story

Racquelle came to me with pain on the top of her foot that her doctors and physical therapists weren’t able to fix. She was healed after just ONE SESSION with me! .. I was even surprised as it usually takes a few sessions to fully heal.

For our session, I used a combination of myofascial release and energetic healing. I eased the pain from the physical side by doing a myofascial release on the muscles in her leg that connected to the ones in her foot where she was feeling it. Then, we went to the metaphysical side and found the root emotional cause for why the pain had manifested in her physical body. From there, we brought these past traumas related to her foot pain to surface & released them, balanced her chakras, and removed excess stagnant energy that had built up in her leg & foot. She was fully receptive to the healing and because of this her pain hasn’t come back!

Energy healing works similarly to physical healing in the aspect that you cannot reinjure yourself and/or you have to keep working on healing. It usually takes a few sessions to heal and continued work on yourself and your mindset in order to keep the physical pain from manifesting again. This is a rare occurrence of a client healing with just one session, but I wanted to share this story anyways. The mind is so powerful and with the help of energy work, the body can heal and do amazing things.


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