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A Tip to Help w/ Digestion

If you have any issues with digesting food, then I recommend eating a fruit mono meal for your first meal of the day.

A mono meal is simply a meal containing one food, usually fruits. Pick your fruit of choice & eat until you feel full. Some times you’ll want half of melon and other times you’ll want a few peaches. Different foods cause different enzymatic reactions in the stomach & intestines, so combining multiple types of foods can be hard on the digestive tract. Mono meals are great because they are easy on the digestive system & give you more energy since it doesn’t have to work as hard on spending its energy on digesting what you ate. Fruits are also best eaten alone and before any other types of foods because they digest quickly and can ferment in your gut when combined with other types of slower digesting foods.

Each morning i eat half to a full melon, depending on its size or how hungry i am, to break my daily fast of 12-16 hours🍽

To summarize the benefits:

• easier on the digestive system

• reduced bloating

• more energy in the morning

• easy prep, no cooking required

Why i eat melons for my mono meals:

• high water content, so they’re extremely hydrating

• if combined with other foods later in the day, they can ferment in the gut and cause digestive issues, but if eaten alone more nutrients are absorbed and they’re great for detoxification

• helps curb unhealthy cravings

• lots of vitamins


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