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A Thought On Body Image

I recently had the realization that some of the “fittest“ looking people are actually some of the unhealthiest - both physically & mentally. Many people, including myself in the past, associate having an extremely low body fat percentage with having great health. I want you to know that this is not always the case..

What I’ve learned is that some of these people (emphasis on not saying all) go through unhealthy extremes in order to obtain and maintain these physiques. It could be an unhealthy obsession with eating “clean,” over training, or use of steroids and synthetic hormones. All of which are detrimental to either your physical body and/or your mind.

Obsession with eating healthy is bad for your mental health, as you feel like a prisoner in your body and never allow yourself to enjoy food. Over training messes with your hormones, can negatively affect your joints, and increase your risk of getting injured. And there are so many negative effects of using steroids & unnatural hormones that I don’t even want to get into listing them.

To me, having good health means practicing self care, regular exercise - without overdoing it, eating a well-balanced diet with lots of whole plant foods, avoiding processed crap, allowing your body to recover when it needs to, and just feeling good overall. It’s so much more than an outward appearance and I hope you realize that.

Sending love & wellness your way xo


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