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5 Things to Help Clear Your Mind

Try to end each of your days with something that will clear your mind💭 Some of my favorite nightly rituals to clear mine include:

✍🏼Brain dump journaling. Brain dump journaling works wonders because you can pour out everything that’s been on running through your mind onto paper and release it.

🧘🏽‍♀️Meditation. Meditation is always a must for anything from clearing your mind, to promoting relaxation, to finding clarity in an unknown situation.

📝Writing out tomorrow’s task/to do list. Writing out tomorrow’s to do list is great because you won’t have to worry about remembering what you need to do the next day since it’s now written out for you.

📱Catching up friends or family over the phone or over dinner 🍽 I love catching up with friends and family whether it’s in person or over the phone - I’m lucky to have to amazing people in my life to laugh with, support me, give me advice, & to vent to if needed.

🏠Cleaning my home. Cleaning my home and keeping my space clean keeps my mind clear and at ease.

Clearing your head at the end of the day will promote better sleep quality, relaxation, and improve your overall mental state. Do what you feel called to do & figure out what nightly rituals will work for you.

Take care,



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