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4 Ways to Shift Your Energy When Feeling Low

If you are ever going through a darker time or have a moment where you’re feeling sad and your vibration is low, then here are four of my simplest tips to shift your energy:

1) GET OUTSIDE. You will instantly feel better! Plus, sunshine helps your body create vitamin D, which enhances your mood

2) MOVE YOUR BODY. Emotions = Energy in Motion, hence E-Motion. So pick a form of exercise that you enjoy and move that stagnant & negative energy out of your body and energy field! Exercise also releases endorphins, which make you feel happy :)

3) EAT HIGH VIBE FOODS. All foods have different vibrations. Fruits and vegetables that are unprocessed and that come straight from the earth are the highest vibrational foods. Avoid low vibe foods such as highly processed & artificial foods. If you’re not already vegan then also stay away from consuming the flesh of murdered and abused animals because you are consuming their sadness and fear if you eat them.

4) THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE GRATEFUL FOR. I know, I know.. you hear this one all the time, but trust me it works. Go back and look at pictures from past events and fun experiences. When I do this, it completely shifts my energy when I’m feeling down. If you can’t think of much to be grateful for, know that if you have a phone to read this post on then you have something<3

And those are four of my tips. I told you they were simple.. but they work!


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