For many years, I worked as a Personal Trainer running my own private training business while working at various studios as a Group Fitness Instructor. With the pandemic came changes and I am now working in an entirely new career as a Loan Processing Manager and train my clients on the side. I love all things health, fitness, wellness, and travel and use my blog and social media as a creative outlets in my spare time to share workouts, health tips, spiritual self care, how I healed naturally from various health issues, and much more.. pretty much anything and everything that I'm doing and learning.



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Kylie was a key part of my recovery from a heart attack. After a triple bypass, I had very little upper body strength and no stamina. She customized a workout plan for me and got me in shape. She is always available for questions and help in between our workout sessions. She is VERY invested in the well being of her clients!!!

- Brian Hays